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ANASA Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

+What are ANASA Rewards?

ANASA Rewards are a way of expressing our appreciation to you for your loyalty to ANANSA.

Through our Reward scheme you can earn points on qualifying purchases and also through other actions such as social media shares and birthday point rewards. For every 500 points you accumulate CHF5 are rewarded to you as a store credit. 

If you have any queries, please contact our Customer Care at

+How do I join the ANASA Reward

All customers can earn ANASA points even during guest checkout. However an account is needed for redeeming the points. You can also get rewarded extra ANASA points by signing up.

+How do I know my points balance

Stay up-to-date on your points balance and rewards in your Account area once you sign in.

+How do I earn ANASA points

You will earn ANASA Points for every CHF1 spent. You will not earn points on the value of any shipping, tax or associated fees. Other ways to earn points, is by signing up, social media follows and shares or by birthday points!

Please note, you will not earn ANASA Points on purchases of gift cards.

+What happens to my points when I return an item

If you decide to return or cancel an entire order, your Points for that order will be cancelled.

If you return or cancel part of your order, the Points for those items will be cancelled.
+Do my points expire?

Your points expire after 12 months from the date that have been credited into your account.

+Do my rewards expire?

Your rewards expire after 6 months from the date that have been granted into your account.